Watermark thehaven rendering 2160x1140

A huge congratulations to our team at Denver Tower Road II, The Haven by Watermark, for officially stabilizing on May 31st after a whopping 77 move-ins during the month of May. This has been our fastest lease-up to date, stabilizing in just seven months at a physical occupancy of 93.69 percent, and a trending occupancy of 97.08 percent.

Thank you, Team Denver Tower Rd II, for all of your crazy days, late nights, and long hours put into accomplishing this remarkable feat.

​​​​​​​Denver Tower Road II Team
​​​​​​​Alisha Pearcy - Community Manager
Rebekah Robertson - Assistant Community Manager
Lana Katyr-Ogly - Leasing Consultant
Michael Sarabia - Service Supervisor
Miguel Flores - Service Technician

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